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Nelsis Tech

Nelsis Tech is an ERP and software development company specializing in creating integrated solutions to manage and automate business processes. They design custom software that streamlines operations, improves efficiency, and supports data analysis. Their expertise includes HR of Employees, HR Payroll, Requgiation Management, Purchase Management, Accounts and Finance, Sales,Inventory & Warehouse Management, POS, Project Management, Customize software, Web development, Apps development, and E-commerce for specific industry needs.

Jobs On Career

Jobs on Career offers professional development services and special internship programs that enhance job skills and career progression. They provide a range of training programs, workshops, and courses in various fields, alongside career counseling, resume building, and interview preparation, aimed at individuals seeking to advance or change their career paths.

Nelsis Digital

Nelsis Digital is your go-to digital marketing agency, offering a comprehensive range of services to boost your online presence. From top-notch SEO and engaging social media campaigns to targeted email marketing and strategic Google Ads, we cover it all. Our expertise also extends to YouTube SEO and building authoritative backlinks to enhance your site's credibility. With Nelsis Digital, expect a dedicated team combining creativity and data-driven insights to deliver measurable results and elevate your brand in the competitive digital arena.


Xindhu is an eCommerce website serving as a digital marketplace for various sellers. It features a wide range of products across categories, facilitating easy online shopping for customers. The platform emphasizes seamless transactions, customer-seller interaction, and a diverse product catalog catering to a broad consumer base.


Bevarb is a blog website featuring diverse content ranging from lifestyle and travel to technology and personal development. It's a hub for engaging stories, informative articles, and insightful commentary designed to educate, inspire, and entertain a wide audience with regularly updated, original content.

Nelsis Consultancy

Nelsis Consultancy is your go-to partner for business growth. From business consultancy and legal support to supplier management and financial services, we've got you covered. Our expertise also includes meticulous documentation to ensure smooth operations. Consider us your dedicated friend, committed to guiding and empowering your business journey with strategic insights and robust support.